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Our solution is a waqf (free) any marketing is strictly prohibited
The equipment is your responsibility

The project

The idea of Mawaqit was born out of frustration: when we observed how prayer times are managed in our mosques for years, see our dads manually adjust old clocks or electronic boards that do not respond more to the varied and modern needs of our mosques. So we decided with the help of Allah to tackle this frustration and create the service we would have dreamed of.
Our solution is a WAQF fi sabili Allah and therefore free.

The concept

Mawaqit offers you a new way to track and manage prayer times, indeed we offer an end-to-end system that provides mosque managers with an online tool available 24/24h allowing them manage schedules, news and many other features. The faithful benefit from a mobile application which allows them to consult the exact timetables and not approximate of their favorite mosque, as well as news and other features such as the search for mosque by geolocation. We have made reliability and quality our main values. Our ambition is clear: to build the best service for our mosques through technology and design. Any mosque added to our system requires extensive moderation. We suspend any mosque that does not respect our rules in order to maintain a reliable service for the community.

Prayer times

Display of prayer times in several languages. 2 choices of calculation, automatic or by annual calendar

Athan and Iqama

A visual and sound signal to announce the athan and the iqama

Reminders and invocations

Between the athan and the iqama, and after each prayer, reminders and invocations are displayed. A Prophet's Hadith "May Allah's Prayer and Salvation Be to Him" is also displayed every 5 min

Announcements and news

Communicate with the faithful of your mosque through announcements and flash messages, at the mosque and everywhere else on the mobile app

Themes and colors

Multiple choices of colors, themes and wallpapers


City weather display


Multiple options, such as turning off the screen during prayer and the jumua sermon

remote control

Control the screen from your computer, smartphone or tablet 24/7

Mobile application

A mobile application on iPhone and Android (Find a nearby mosque, route, prayer notification, useful info... etc.)

Mawaqit is also available on

Amazon Alexa

Beta / French only
Alexa ! ouvre "prière-mawaqit"
Alexa ! demande à "prière-mawaqit" salat el maghrib

Home assistant

Smart mosque and home
Ex: Turn on the heater 20 min before adhan in the mosque and stop it after salat automatically

Some numbers

Mosques and others
Installs on iPhone and Android
Unique visitors per month
Requests per month
Average note on stores and social media


Click on a country to see the mosques


مسجد الفرقان BC

مسجد الفرقان BC Algeria

Consult the prayer times
مسجد طارق بن زياد 1008

مسجد طارق بن زياد 1008 Algeria

Consult the prayer times
مسجد عبد الحميد بن باديس أولاد شنة

مسجد عبد الحميد بن باديس أولاد شنة Algeria

Consult the prayer times
مسجد ابي الدرداء

مسجد ابي الدرداء Algeria

Consult the prayer times


Consult the prayer times
مسجد البدر

مسجد البدر Italy

Consult the prayer times
مسجد فاطمة الزهراء

مسجد فاطمة الزهراء Algeria

Consult the prayer times
Al-Madinah Center - Montréal

Al-Madinah Center - Montréal Canada

Consult the prayer times
مسجد التوبة قرية عباد الشريف

مسجد التوبة قرية عباد الشريف Algeria

Consult the prayer times
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